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3Event – The 1st Global Medical Robotics ROBOMED Summit (Croatia, Rovinj)



We invite you to the Three-event summit in Rovinj, Croatia from new date: September 22-25, 2021.
The three-event summit integrates the 24th Annual Conference of the International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society, XI External Control of Human Extremities, and Summer School: Wearable robotics for rehabilitation.
Researchers, clinicians, students and other stakeholders from all around the world will discuss how and what can be done to improve rehabilitation services and ultimately the quality of life of persons with disability. The three-event bring together experts in the domain of electrical stimulation neurosciences, wearable robotics and users of the new technologies. The three-event will encompass topics ranging from pediatric application of robots, recent innovations in wearable robotic technology and FES, computational neurorehabilitation, BCI and BMI, human-machine interaction and interfaces, and solutions for the needs of persons with disabilities and the aging population.